Cocoon Ponderings…

Many years ago, as a young teacher of English Literature, I came across a lovely, little poem, “Message from a Butterfly” by Lilian Moore. There was something in its simple expression of a complex, on-going life experience that so appealed to me. My life  has always been defined by metamorphosis—the constant flux between cocoon, worm-like times and butterfly days.

Being a creature of habit, it was a major break-through to be able to embrace my worm-like state when changes threatened the peace and calm of my well-ordered existence. I used to thrash, resist, whine, and get anxious when change came a-knocking on my life’s door. Now, I willingly slide (or crawl, depending on the nature of change I am undergoing) back into my cocoon. There, in the “darkness”, I try to positively deal with the discomfort, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, sadness, etc that these changes bring. And yes, in that period of difficulty and challenge, I grow my strength and wing span. Each time  I emerge from my cocoon time, I have greater wisdom and understanding, patience, fortitude, courage and whatever else I may need to soar. That greater wing span allows me to embrace my joys, and to recognize and give thanks for the many blessings I have been given. I have greater appreciation for the “wind beneath my wings”—the family I love, the friends who support me, the people who push my buttons the wrong way (hehe), and whoever and whatever it is that push me into constant cycle of metamorphosis. And when my cocoon times come around again, I just remember Lilian Moore’s line…

“I’m worm-like now, but in this dark, I’m growing wings.”


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