Keeping Afloat

No, my life is not perfect. I have had many a dream blow up in my face. I have my fair share of struggles and challenges. I could wail and whine about what I have lost, or what was withheld from me, but of what use would that be? I have just learned that the best way to keep afloat in the sea of negativity is to look up and look beyond.

I look up to a Father God who I trust is ALWAYS looking after me. I hold fast to my faith that He holds my head above the waters, or that gives me the strength to swim through the waves. He provides me with the life-vest of loving family and friends. Whether the seas are calm or stormy, He is the captain of my life’s ship, and the compass of my life’s destination.

I look beyond the loss, the absence, the lack of things and people that would/could make life better or happier, and consciously and oftentimes, with great difficulty, COUNT MY BLESSINGS instead. When I CHOOSE to do this, the number of blessings far outweigh the negativities. I have also learned to channel the not-so-good experiences into stepping stones for personal growth. The products of this channeling—greater courage, fortitude, sympathy, empathy, compassion, patience and understanding for others—have served me well in reaching out to and walking the path with those in pain, and allowed me to share their joys more profoundly.

So with a heart overflowing with gratitude, I say “Thank you Lord!” With these words, I not only float, but I have the potential to FLY!


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